Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivation Points

The sound of the alarm stirs my soul,
The first step I take prepares my goal,
My immediate thoughts define my day,
My first chance to smile shows me the way.

Life was made to give us more,
Choices are made some good and some poor,
The hope we carry creates less need,
The thoughts we think can set us free.

The bondage of life is just an illusion,
The handcuffs we use lead to confusion,
Choices give power to stop frustration,
Love is what motivates all of creation.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rise of the Sun

The sun rose cold and barren,
The day brought to light life torn,
The afternoon brought hope for tomorrow,
The sunset gave only questions of why and when,
I wonder what the night will bring for the feel of tomorrow's sun?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Evening drinks

People bustling about,
A man sits in wait,
The drink-giver gives,
And joy begins to creep.

The sun shows no more,
A soft light now glows,
My longing subsides,
And yet thoughts still flow...

    What is love and why does it elude me?
    Where is truth and why am I blind to it?

Insatiable and yearning are my thoughts on these questions...

    Why am I plagued with a need to know, a need to explore?
    When does life just fade into retrospect?
    Am I a man who's ready for these answers?

Sorrow plagues the man who searches for real answers.

Starting Again

Winter falls on a heavy heart,
Wind pierces the weakening soul,
With frost laying waste like a frigid thorn,
Spring forever waits to start,
Warmth soon paying the tole,
With love bidding hope for a new season born. 

Out of Every Breath

From the farthest depths of our mind,
Our soul finds a place to reside.

With life comes the eternal voice,
of past pleasures and what's to come.

Out of every breath comes the next step,
And form every step comes the next choice...

Whether to fail or succeed,
Whether to fight or give ground,
And all others concerned with life and death.


Desperation is heavy on the heart and can remain ever constant,
So how do we break through the ever pungent taste of wondering what if?

Do we fight for a better tomorrow or do we wait for the distraction of lust again?


Is life what you make of it or is life what's made for you?
Are we in control of anything or is everything in control of us?

Dinner and drinks

Longing is best served cold,
Joy is best made by our hands,
Life is best with suspense,
Is fear always present?

Happiness is best served hot,
Can happiness be measured,
Can it be imagined,
Is Love always present?

What is inside?

What is the feeling,
That's burning inside?

What is the longing,
That time subsides?

What is the agony,
That fear hides?

Is it love that pierces my side,
Or is it lust that we often try?

Is the Answer Choice?

Darkness floods like the waters of old,
Life grows increasingly hard to strive for,
Why when the mundane sets in,
Is it so hard to see past the rain?

At what part does desire manifest,
At what part do my choices become reality,
Is there really rest for the weary,
Is there joy for the hearts of those not average?

When music hits does the soul feel joy,
Or does the soul feel joy before the music is created,
What connects the life we want most,
to the life we currently live?

Is the answer choice?


What is Pressure?

Is it what hides behind our deepest intent?
Is it the down for what we believe the up to be?
Is it a frown behind a veiled smile?
Is it self-imposed or is it justified by life?

If we can decide who we are,
Does that mean we can rise above the pressure by a simple choice?

When when the world seems tough do we hide behind pressure,
Is it for pressure's sake or is it for definition?

Why do we define ourselves by the pressure we face,
Why don't be define ourselves by the decisions we make?

We are

We are because we choose who we are not.
We are because there has to be a way forward.
We are because life affords time to grow.

You are you, I am me, and together life forms the "we,"
For without the "we," neither you nor I could be.


To see someone else clearly
Is to see your won reflection.

To see beauty in the darkness
Is to embrace your own light.

To understand the pain of another
Is to feel life for yourself.

To embrace another in love
Is to feel love within yourself.

To be who you are mean to be
Is to embrace being free.


Why oh why do bluebirds fly?
How can they know themselves so well,
To know that flying is even possible?


O'foreign feeling of progress,
I plea for your desire to stay,
So when I reach into your chest of treasures,
I'm left with my new way.

From an Age Past

From an age past
comes a strong wind of desire.

From an age past
whispers from a sweet breeze blow.

From an age past
flows a storm of emotion.

From an age past
I hear the laughter of time.

From a time past,
age becomes nothing but an illusion.